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EntryTracs Suite Android Software

Android Software for Goodview Dynamic Detection Display™

Temperature Scanning Kiosks

EntryTracs is an Android application developed for the purpose of monitoring and enhancing our temperature screening and facial recognition kiosks. The application supplements the system by performing actions after temperatures are verified for a more thorough screening process. EntryTracs runs as a background service for the system and performs specified actions when prompted by the screening kiosk. The solution also works without connection to a server or a Wi-Fi network (not including the email feature) and has no effect on the performance of the system

EntryTracs Features

EntryTracs currently has five main features that bring added functionality to the temperature screening device. Each feature serves to enhance your facility’s temperature screening process so you may continue to promote a safe and compliant workplace

  • Daily Compliance Pass Printing

  • Pre-Screening Agreement/Health Questionnaire

  • Email & Text Notifications

  • Relay Trigger/Alarm

  • Customized Audio Prompts

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Download the Cut Sheet

Daily Compliance Pass Printing

With EntryTracs, your temperature kiosk can be configured with a USB or Bluetooth Zebra printer for automatic label printing. After a successful temperature screening from the unit, EntryTacs will automatically print an adhesive label that can be worn as a name tag.

In addition, the labels will show a void mark after 12 hours so they cannot be re-used. EntryTracs labels contain the entrant’s status, temperature, and date and time of screening along with an optional picture

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Agreement/Health Questionnaire

The questionnaire feature of the EntryTracs application

enables a consent screen where personnel can agree to have their temperature taken and verify their responses to a set of questions. Responses are gathered through a motion sensor where users will select “I agree” or “I DO NOT agree” to a set of pre-screening questions that are related to their health and safety.

Email & Text Notifications

If there is a screening that triggers one of your settings

(ie: high temperature, stranger, restricted list, etc.) a notification will be sent to contacts in the recipient list that is set up by the facility admin.

Text messages are sent via your admin email. Almost all carriers support sending of SMS and MMS from an email address. The subject line, message, and whether you attach an image to your notification are fully customizable.

Relay Triggers/Alarms

The EntryTracs relay can also signal alarm notifications and lights if an entry event is not compliant with your settings. Relay alarms can trigger if a temperature is elevated, a mask is not worn, or if the person being screened is a stranger or has been restricted from entering the facility.

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Audio Prompts

All units come with factory set audio prompts. However, EntryTracs allows you to replace these with tailored prompts with ones that better suit your environment, giving your process an added level of personalization.  These prompts will play in response to the EntryTracs audio settings you have set. Customized audio prompts can be used to give your workforce added instructions for a more successful and tailored temperature screening process

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