Test the Kramer Contact Tracing Device at NO COST to Your Business or School

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Would you like to take the Kramer Social Distance Device for a test ride absolutely free of charge?


We are looking for a minimum of 3 institutions – businesses, schools, gyms, factories, and similar sites – to test the Kramer Social Distance Device for a period of two to three months. 

At the end of the test period, you will have the option to return the devices or keep them for a minimal fee. 


In exchange for three months of free device usage and training for your team, we ask that you:

  • Commit the time and resources to the full use and administration of the units, per our protocols, to implement the project as intended.

  • Agree to be interviewed about your experience with the Kramer Device, so that the interviews may be used in case studies and other promotional material. 

  • Partner with us to host a media event at the client location that would celebrate the success of the program

Further details about the Trial Program are below.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please contact:  

Dave Olson 

HD Distributing 


email dolson@hd2pro.com 

About the Kramer Social Distance Trial Program

WHAT is the Kramer Social Distance Trial Program?

It is a 3-month trial program that allows institutions to test the Kramer Social Distance Device  and determine if it is helpful to your institution. In return, HD Distributing asks for permission to interview the program’s administrators and create case studies, as well as host a media event to share the success.

WHERE will the Trial Program be held?

We seek 3 to 5 institutions (businesses, schools, gyms, manufacturing plants, and similar facilities) willing to ask their employees or students to use the Kramer Social Distance device daily for three months. Any school or business in the United States may participate.

WHAT will be provided to participants?

The following will be provided at no charge to participating institutions

  • Kramer Social Distance Devices: We will provide 100 to 500 Kramer devices. (Please see the “Number of Units Provided” section for guidelines on how many units are provided to each participant). These devices must be returned upon completion of the program or may be purchased for a reduced price. 

  • Free shipping of all devices and materials to the trial participants. 

  • Setup and Configuration with your IT system. 

  • Training for IT professionals assigned by you to run the program on site. 


Customer Support will be provided throughout the test program at no charge. 

Number of Units Provided

  • Up to 500 Tags for Schools, Gyms, Healthcare or Medium Sized Businesses

  • Up to 100 Tags for Small businesses


HOW long is the Trial Program?

  • The program may be run through any consecutive 3-month period

WHY is HD Distributing running the Trial Program? 

The Kramer Social Distance Device is private, safe and effective at helping to monitor possible contact with someone infected with COVID. To help other companies and schools understand how easy it is to use the device, we’d like to create real-world case studies of its use in USA institutions, and share their story with the media. 

AFTER the TRIAL PROGRAM is Complete: What's Next?

At the conclusion of the three-month trial program, HD Distributing’s team will interview your program administrator to gather information for a case study. We will also schedule a media event to share your institution’s story, a great opportunity for positive press and media coverage for your business.

Do we have to return the Kramer devices?

Trial participants may:

  • Return the Kramer Devices upon completion of the trial

    • Return costs and specific details will be determined before the Trial Period commences

  • Purchase the Kramer Devices

    • Participants who choose to purchase the Kramer Devices will receive a 20% discount on the retail value. 

Done Deal

Ready to get started?

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please contact:

Dave Olson

HD Distributing 


email dolson@hd2pro.com

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