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LG’s indoor and outdoor Direct View LED Signage solutions are designed to create engaging viewing experiences. DVLED provides vivid colors & is perfect for airports, shopping malls, stadiums & billboards


3 in1 SMD

800 nit

< 2" Depth


Ultra Slim Depth

Its ultra-slim design with 37.5 mm edge thickness is the biggest advantage of the LSCB series. This allows the product to be installed in a wide variety of venues, especially where module thickness is a design or space concern


16:9 FHD/UHD Configuration

Each cabinet uses a 16:9 aspect ratio, the same most commonly used in displays for FHD and UHD content. This allows you to keep using existing content without additional cost and time for editing


EMC Class B Certified

With its Class B certification for electromagnetic compatibility, the LSCB is not only perfect for industrial environments, it passes the even stricter emissions standards for residential areas. Thus EMC rating will not limit where the LSCB can be installed


Easy & Seamless Installation

The LSCB series can be easily installed and managed from the front side for easy operation. A magnetic tool allows the modules to be attached / detached from the front so that no additional space is needed behind the product for installation or maintenance


90° Corner Design Available

If you add our 90° corner option, the LSCB series fits naturally into the space and delivers beautifully smooth, flawless content without the corner being a distraction to customers


Fire Resistant Design

The LSCB Class 1 certification for resistance is the highest rating class of its type in the BS 476 standard. This certification shows LG's commitment to safety in the event of a fire emergency


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