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Kramer Social Distance Device™

Powered by High Sec Labs

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Kramer Social Distance Devices (EMB-1) are designed to monitor social distancing and eliminate the need for a wide shutdown in case of infection.

EMB-1 is based on BlueNRG technology allowing to detect other tags in the area. Every person wears an EMB-1 tag which is pre-configured to log encounters with other tags which are longer than a configurable time, ex:15 minutes, and closer than 6 ft.  Every time persons with tags are in close proximity to each other, the encounter is saved in each tag as long as it meets the time and distance parameters.

Once a person has tested positive for COVID-19, that tag, and only that tag, is investigated and a log of all that person's encounters with other persons also wearing a tag in the last two weeks is generated.


The Kramer Social Distance Device is designed to ensure personal privacy while monitoring social distancing within your organization, thereby reducing the need for lengthy tracing process and/or closures

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No Admin/User Training Required

No Central Database of Encounters

Six Month Battery Life 

No Proprietary Infrastructure Required 

No GPS or SIM Card

How Does it Work?


   The tag implements a basic algorithm that provides the best protection for a person’s privacy


The Tag’s Bluetooth radio is only used to measure the distance  to other Tags. It does not pair, receive or transmit data to any other Bluetooth device


Data is extracted ONLY by an authorized administrator, using proprietary cabling and software to extract data from a confirmed Covid-19 person’s Tag


Information is stored on the tag for the previous two weeks


Tags ONLY record other Tag numbers, exposure time and  distance. No location, names or other private data is collected

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